The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association met in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 31st, to November 3rd, 2018. Powertrain Expo is an international show with exhibitors from around the world. New products, services, and technologies that affect the transmission industry will be featured. DALKO Resources, Inc. was proud to be part of the transmission repair industry as a supplier of logistics and supply chain management. Raul Pacheco was at booth 202 answering logistics questions.



DALKO Resources, Inc., is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Coolsprings Badminton Open. The tournament will be held at the Coolsprings Sports Complex in Bethel Park, PA, on Saturday, November 3rd. The one day event will begin at 8am and continue untill¬† 8pm. Featured match-ups will include Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Representing DALKO Resources as a member of the Pittsburgh Badminton Club, is MySource Programmer, Yashwant Mahendran. Yash plays for the Pittsburgh Shuttles team…GOOD LUCK YASH!!


Today, October 5, 2018 is National Manufacturing Day. Every year on the first Friday in October, we celebrate those who stand behind all goods made in America.

On this day, nearly 2000 manufacturers will open their doors to our young people who are interested in careers in manufacturing and engineering. The next generation of the work force that will be proud to say….”Made in America!”

Laramie Boomerang



The governors of North and South Carolina have issued a mandatory evacuation of all residents and tourists from their respective states. Hurricane Florence, a category 4 hurricane, is packing 150 mile per hour winds, and is expected to hit the Charleston, SC area by Friday morning. Once it hits land, it is expected to drop 20-30 inches of rain inland. Please be careful…avoid this area until the ban is lifted. Truck deliveries will be affected. Please be patient and SAFE!