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Answer to last quiz…Who said it?…”The doors of wisdom are never shut”… Benjamin Franklin-1706-1790


Benjamin Franklin wore many hats but will be remembered for his role in separating the American colonies from Great Britian and in helping to draft the Declaration of Independence. As an inventor and scientist, he is best known for inventing the Franklin stove, bifocal spectacles and the lightning rod.



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Salute to Women!

169 women were honored in Louisville, KY at the Mid-American Truck Show, for their professional driving service. The Women in Trucking Association presented the event. During the festivities, six women were recognized for driving careers that spanned 40 years or more! The group was lauded for their non-profit work that included the Girl Scout transportation patch, ride- alongs with regulators and elected officials, and their work on cab design and ergonomics.



source:Women in Trucking Association/Transport Topics

Wreaths Across America Honors Wendy Hamilton


Wendy Hamilton, senior manager of sales and marketing for Pilot Flying J, has been chosen to receive The James Prout Spirit of Giving Award. The award is named in memory of  James Prout, who was the first volunteer to haul wreaths for Wreaths Across America. The program supports the purchase of Christmas wreaths to distribute to Arlington National Cemetery and other military cemeteries across the country. Wendy has worked since 2010 to make Pilot Flying J a significant corporate sponsor of the program.


Source:Wreaths Across America

Diesel Fuel Prices

The Average price for Diesel Fuel in the United States on 4/24/17 is $2.595. This price is slightly down from the previous week. Four regions in the country were also slightly down,  while it was slightly up in five regions. One region ( Gulf Coast ) remained the same at $2.458. California remains the most expensive state to purchase fuel…$2.947.



APRIL 22, 2017


Practices that are good for the Earth and your pocketbook…

Drink tap water…Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances…Shop with reusable bags…

Use public transportation…Heat and cool your house wisely…Walk or bike if possible…

Don’t over buy groceries…Make your own compost for your garden…Conserve !!

Drink tap water













Weekend Wisdom Quiz

Answer to the last quiz…Who said it?…”Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

Legendary basketball coach and master motivator, John Wooden

John Wooden is considered by many as the greatest college basketball coach of all time. He led UCLA to 10 NCAA championships, 7 in a row from 1967-1973. John Wooden is the only person named to the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player and a coach.


Next quiz…Who said it?…”The doors of wisdom are never shut.”


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February Construction Soars!

Construction spending in February rose .8%. The increase reflected the highest level of spending in nearly 11 years. Developers ramped up projects that included new highways, homes and schools. State and local governments spent .9% more on construction of roads, schools, and recreational buildings. The Federal Government cut spending in February by 9%, but President Trump has pledged to reverse that trend by boosting infrastructure spending by $1 trillion over the next decade.

Source:Transport Topics

Diesel Fuel Prices

The average price of Diesel Fuel in the United States on 4/17/17 was $2.597. The price has continued to increase over the past two months. This week, it has gone up in every region of the company, except in New England, where it went down from $2.639 to $2.638.


source: www.eia.gov/petrol