Carload & Intermodal: Jan. 5

According to the Association of American Railroads, U.S. freight carload traffic declined 12.1% for the week ending January 5, 2013 compared to the same week last year.  Intermodal was also down from last year, it fell 8%.  As noted by AAR, traffic volume was most likely effected by the New Year’s holiday falling on a Monday and Tuesday in 2013, as opposed to it falling on a Saturday and Sunday in 2012.

Canadian freight carload volume broke even when compared to the same week in 2012.  Canadian intermodal was up 4.4% for the week.  Both Mexican freight carload volume and intermodal volume fell.  Freight carload volume was down 23.6%, and intermodal volume declined by 31.2%.

Combined North American rail volume was down 10.1% for the first week of 2013 when compared to the same week in 2012.  North American intermodal also fell, a decline of 6.7%.

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