Carload & Intermodal Volume

Although down from last years numbers, U.S. Freight carload traffic rose 0.9% in the week ending December 22, 2012 according to the Association of American Railroads.  U.S. Intermodal volume increase 10.2% compared to the same week in 2011.

Weekly carload volume on the Eastern railroads was up 5.8% compared to the same week in 2011.  The Western railroads, on the other hand, had a 2.1% decrease in their weekly carload volume when compared to 2011.

According to the AAR, Canadian freight carload volume was up 2% for week ending December 22 compared to the same week last year; intermodal volume increased by 3.7%.  Mexican freight carload volume was up by 14.5%, and intermodal had an increase of 16% from 2011.

The combined freight carload volume for U.S., Canadian and Mexican railroads for the first 51 weeks of 2012 was down 1.8% compared to 2011.  However, the combined North American intermodal volume was up 4.4% for the same period last year.

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