Class I Employment Up

According to the figures released by the Surface Transportation Board, Class I railroad employment went up 0.90 percent in February 2013 compared to Februrary 2012.  All categories showed a year-over-year gain except Transportation (train and engine) which was down 0.38 percent from 2012.  The remaining categories were as follows: Executives, Officials, and Staff Officials up 3.46 percent, Professional and administrative up 2.40 percent, Maintenance-of-Way and Structures up 1.48 percent, Maintenance of Ewuipment and Stores up 1.46 percent, and Transportation (other than train and engine) up 1.25 percent.

Categories that showed a gain from January to February 2013 included Maintenance-of-Way and Structures up 0.62 percent, Transportation (train and engine) up 0.14 percent, Transportation (other than train and engine) up 0.10 percent, and Professional and Administrative up 0.01 percent.  The remaining two categories showed losses.  Maintenance of Equipment and Store fell 0.42 percent in February compared to January, and Executives, Officials, and Staff Assistants went down 0.10 percent.