Diesel Fuel: Jan. 30

According to the report released today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration diesel fuel prices have been on a general decline since October.  However, diesel prices in the first four weeks of 2013 have been higher than those in 2012.  The EIA anticipate diesel prices to continue to decrease through 2013.  EIA forecasts that the average diesel price will remain around $3.93 per gallon through February then will slowly decline throughout the rest of the year, reaching $3.80 per gallon by the end of the year.

The current EIA report shows the national average diesel fuel price at $3.93 per gallon, eight cents high than last year at this time.  The Rocky Mountains had the largest increase where the price increased to $3.74 per gallon, six cents higher than last week.  The West Coast had a five cent increase making the average price $4.05 per gallon.  Both the East Coast and Midwest are up two cents.  The East Coast is at $4.05 per gallon, and the Midwest’s average is $3.87 per gallon.  The Gulf Coast had the smallest increase, up only one cent from last week making their average price per gallon $3.85.

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