June Freight Index

According to the DAT North American Index spot market frieght volumes roase 2.2 percent in June compared to May.  Freight availability fro both vans and flatbeds rose 1.8 percent in June compared to May, however for refrigerated (reefer) trailers in only rose 0.6 percent.

Freight availabiltu declined 9.5 percent compared to the record volumes of June 2012.  Volume dropped for both vans and flatbeds compared to June 2012; down 9.5 percent for vans and 6.8 percent for flatbeds.  However, load availablity for reefers rose 3.9 percent from last year.

In June spot market rates rose 4.5 percnet for vans, 0.6 percent for flatbeds and 0.6 percent for reefers compared to May.  Compared to June 2012 spot market rates in June 2013 declined 2.1 percent for vans and 8.3 percent for flatbeds, while reefer rates increased 0.6 percent.

For more inforamation and charts please visit the DAT website, http://www.dat.com/About-Us/News/News-Releases/DAT-North-American-Freight-Index-Rises-Seasonally-in-June.aspx