New Railroad Crossing Safety Ad To Air

” Stop! Trains Can’t “

The U. S. Department of Transportation launched a $7 million digital, radio, and digital video campaign to raise awareness  to railroad crossing safety.

The message is aimed at young male drivers to make the right choice at railroad crossings. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) and the Federal Railroad Administration(FRA) have joined ranks on this nationwide effort.

Last year alone, 232 people died in railroad crossing accidents. It has been determined that approximately every three hours a person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States.

The ads will target males ages 18 to 49 in the states that have the most dangerous crossings. The states that are targeted are: California, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Jersey, Arkansas, and Arizona.

The message is clear. It takes a train going 55 miles per hour, one mile to come to a complete stop. That’s the length of 18 football fields. Nearly all of the deaths at crossings are preventable…”Stop! Trains Can’t”