Supply Chain Planning

We at DALKO Resources know how crucial it is for you to get your inbound product to and outbound to product to your customers on time. That is why we have chosen high quality carriers to partner with to serve you.

And this is why we also wanted to take the time to remind you that the winter season is fast approaching. Snow and Ice Storms can have a disruptive impact on delivery times, even if your facility or customer is located in a warmer area, when shipments are moving cross country. So please keep this in mind when planning your material purchases and inventories during this season.

You may find it very beneficial to your supply chain and operations to have some extra buffer stock ahead of potential storms, while planning for some possible extra transit times during storms. As always, we are here to serve and are available to provide expedited options for you on emergency shipments.

To assist you with storm tracking we provide a weather link on our website.

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