Truck Tonnage Index Increases

According to the report release April 24, 2013 the American Trucking Association’s advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index was up 0.9 percent in March.  Compared with March 2012 the SA index was up 3.8 percent.  The tonnage index was up 3.9 percent in first quarter 2013 compared with first quarter 2012.

ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said, “At 3.9 percent year-over-year growth, the first quarter increase was the best since the final quarter of 2011.”  However he says, “Expect freight tonnage will slow in the months ahead as the federal government sequester continues and households finish spending their tax returns.”  According to Castello, “The good news for tonnage is housing starts are growing and energy production is good — both of which generates heavy freight.  However, these two sectors alone won’t be enough to keep the overall index growing at a 3.9 percent clip in the second quarter.”