Unleashing TMS

DALKO is pleased to announce that we have partnered with a software program writing firm to write a Supply Chain system designed specifically for the Rail Supply Industry!  After much review of systems currently available, our conclusion was that they were more slanted to retail, like Lowes, K-Mart, etc and not to the specific needs of industrial customers with unique needs like rail product suppliers and railroads. We wanted a program that would address both large vendors and smaller vendors, which we found often lacking in other systems we reviewed. We also wanted a program that we could customize to address specific integration needs of our customers. So with input and help from a few rail suppliers, we started to build our own system.  We are excited about the opportunity to deliver additional efficiencies, helping our customers manage their vendors, inventories, and vital shipments!  A demo of the Supply Chain portion can be reviewed by contacting Bill Welch at 724-962-4286 or email at bwelch@driworldwide.com. Our targeted full TMS completion is mid-year 2013. Your feedback would be very much appreciated and valued!

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