New Truck Orders Are Setting Records

Class 8 truck orders were up 75% year-over-year in the month of December, 2017. Orders reached nearly 38,000 compared to 21,400 a year earlier. These numbers were the highest in 3 years. Experts believe that the spike in orders are due to a number of factors. The main reason is the anticipation of President Trump’s infrastructure bill, along with construction companies increased jobs in 2018. The Associated General Contractors of America expect demand for all types of general construction to increase. Orders have been on the rise for the last three months.

source:transport topics 

Diesel Fuel Prices

U. S. on-highway diesel fuel price for the week of 01/22/18 averaged $3.025 per gallon. The price went down slightly in seven regions across the country. It went up a few tenths in the five remaining  regions in the United States. California is the highest at $3.643 per gallon. The Gulf Coast Region remains the lowest  at $2.815.



Deep Freeze Felt At Diesel Pump

Bitter cold temperatures across the United States has increased the demand for heating oil and low-sulfur diesel fuel. The price of diesel fuel increased by 7 cents due to this demand. The average retail  price nationwide as of January 10, 2018 is at $2.973 per gallon. This is the highest increase since  January, 2015. The highest price per gallon is in the California region at $3.590. The lowest is in the Gulf Coast region at $2.774 per gallon. It is recommended that because of the frigid temps, drivers should keep their fuel tanks full overnight to prevent clogging and freezing.


source:transport topics

Diesel Fuel Prices

The United States on-highway diesel fuel price for the week of 1/8/18 averaged $2.996 per gallon. The price climbed to over $3.00 per gallon in 5 regions throughout the country. California, as expected, is the most expensive at $3.638. The Gulf Coast Region remained the lowest at nearly one dollar less…$2.785.

December 16, 2017, Marks Wreaths Across America

On December 16, 2017, Christmas wreaths were laid on veteran’s graves in over 1000 cemeteries across the United States. All 50 states participated, as well as off-shore and National Cemeteries abroad. Over one million wreaths were delivered around the world. The ATA, American Trucking Association, and the Share the Road Highway Safety Program, led the convoy from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery, where they were met by thousands of volunteers. A large percentage of truck drivers are veterans. They stopped along the way at selected schools to teach students the value of our freedoms. Kudos to the trucking industry…never

Mandated Electronic Logging Devices In Effect Today!

After years of much debate, the federal government mandated law of electronic logging devices goes into effect today, December 18, 2017. The law requires carriers to record drivers’ hours of service (HOS) electronically, rather than in paper logbooks. Proponents of the mandate say that the number one reason for the law is to make the trucking industry safer. Drivers that currently have been using Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRDs) have until December 16, 2019 to replace them with ELDs. If trucks that use paper logbooks operate without ELDs, law enforcement can place the vehicles out of service after April  1, 2018. Who is exempt? (1)  Shorthaul drivers that run under a 100 mile radius. (2) Drivers that run no more than 8 days in a 30 day period. (3) Trucks with engines manufactured before 2000. (4) Drivers of trucks rented for less than 8 days.( 5) Drivers where the truck being driven is the commodity being delivered.