Railroads Banking on Intermodal Investments

Railroad companies in the United States and Canada are investing in intermodal projects all around North America. There seems to be focus on the smaller market freight hubs. For example, the port at Burns Harbor is spending nearly $20 million to upgrade connections between railroads, trucks, and ships. It is one of 10 projects funded by the U. S. Department of Transportation. The rail industry will also fund improvements to areas that need upgraded.source:transport topics

Diesel Fuel Update

The U. S. on-highway diesel fuel price on 09/11/17 averaged $2.802 per gallon. Every region in the country showed significant increases. California once again was the highest at $3.179 per gallon. The Gulf Coast Region had the best price at $2.647 per gallon. The on-highway price is the highest price since 08/17/15. It is predicted to rise each week because of the destruction from Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.



Harvey Impacts U.S. Trucking

Hurricane Harvey has disrupted 10% of the trucking industry in the United States. Due to the already tight nature of the trucking environment, many loads will be left on docks across the country. Transportation officials will be tested to try to get loads picked up and delivered in a timely manner. As was with the results of Hurricane Katrina, this event will show significant pricing increases. The rates are expected to increase 7-10%…a small price to pay considering the death and destruction that Harvey has done.

images: NPR

Diesel Prices

The on-highway diesel fuel price in the United States for the week of 08/28/17 averaged $2.605/gallon. The price was up significantly in every region of the country. California, again, led the country with an average of $2.995. The Gulf Coast Region was the lowest at $2.428. This will not remain the lowest in the coming weeks because of the after effects of Hurricane Harvey.

source: www.eia.gov/diesel