Shipping Companies To Impose Surcharge

Due to factors involving the trucking industry, two intermodal companies have implemented a $300 per container surcharge fee. The fee does not apply to intermodal cargo moving under the shipper’s nominated truckers. The primary challenges the industry is facing are: The Federal mandate for Electronic Logging Devices, driver shortage and increased cost of operations, and severe weather in some markets. Other companies are expected to follow suit.


source:MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co

source:CMA GCM(America) LLC

Transportation Costs Dilemma

Transportation costs have increased at nearly double the inflation rate. This is forcing companies across the country to raise the cost of their products to consumers.Executives from multiple companies have said that they plan on raising prices, but would not say by how much. Increased economic growth, a shortage of drivers, reduced capacity, and higher fuel prices have driven up transportation costs. This will threaten retail prices on goods from everything from hamburger to underwear.

Weekly Diesel Fuel Prices

The United States on highway diesel fuel for the week March 25, 2018, averaged $3.010 per gallon. This price is up slightly in every region of the country. The previous week’s average was $2.972 per gallon. The range from highest to lowest was California at $3.669 as compared to the Gulf Coast region at $2.823.