DALKO Resources, Inc. is pleased to announce that effective Monday, April 22, 2019, Jared Grandy will assume the duties of Director of Sales and Marketing. He will be an important asset in helping to grow DALKO’s client list. He brings both sales and operational experience to his new position.

Congratulations Jared!!

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DALKO MySource Enhancements

DALKO is pleased to announce that we recently made some enhancements to our MySource system that will improve the speed and efficiency, as well as give us more flexibility to add new features. The new version will become live Monday April 15th.

The system also has a new smart search feature for the origin and destination locations when booking a shipment. This new feature will allow you to quickly search through all saved locations using any details that were saved with the location. The more data that is entered, the more the system will refine the search. For instance, a location could be found using the location name, city, contact name, phone number, etc. If one or more of these items are combined, the system will further filter through the saved locations using all details entered. # DalkoMySource, #DalkoDiffernce


An unseasonable snow storm along with high winds is bearing down on parts of Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota. The weather service predicts one to two feet of snow, and up to 60 mile per hour winds. The storm will impact freight movement through these areas. Deliveries may take an extra day depending on the storm.

DALKO urges all drivers to be patient…but foremost…BE SAFE! #DalkoDifferenc

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Traffic in snow stor


United States on-highway diesel fuel price for the week of April 8, 2019 average is $3.093 per gallon. This price is up slightly from the previous week. The price was higher in every region in the country with the exception of the New England Region. California remains the highest at $3.910 per gallon. The most economical region is the Gulf Coast at $2.879.



With over 700 exhibitors, and nearly 9000 attendees, The Railway Interchange Trade Show is the rail industry event of the year. We, at DALKO Resources, Inc., will be in booth 2737 in Minneapolis from September 22-25 to take part in this massive show. Our transportation experts will be showcasing all of the logistical services that are available to all of our rail clients. Please stop to say hello and  learn more about DALKO Resources, Inc.