Diesel Fuel Prices Remain Steady

Diesel fuel prices are relatively unchanged throughout the nation according to the EIA’s Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Update released September 9, 2013.  The average diesel fuel price for the nation as a whole remained unchanged at $3.98 per gallon.  Only the West Coast and East Coast regions had any changes to their average diesel fuel prices.  The West Coast price increased one cent from last week to $4.14 per gallon, while the East Coast price decreased one cent to $3.98 per gallon.  The remaining regions, the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain, were all unchanged from last week.  The average diesel fuel prices for these regions are as follows: the Midwest at $3.96 per gallon, the Gulf Coast at $3.89 per gallon and the Rocky Mountain at $3.93 per gallon. Diesel 09.09.13