The ELD Debate

Analysts in the trucking industry believe that with the mandated ELDs, freight capacity will tighten, along with rising rates. Some say the rates will increase between 5-15%. Industry pricing analysts feel the most impact will on one day hauls of more than 450 miles. In some cases the trip will take a second day. That means that the back-haul will have to be rescheduled. The mandate will have other effects on the industry. Some say drivers will be asking for higher pay per mile because they will be driving fewer miles. It may also force some companies to ship by rail. However it shakes out, the bottom line is that it is going to effect the industry….some positive….some negative. Two things are for sure….it will level the playing field for all involved, and December 18 ,2017 citations will be written.


source:transport topics/trucker news