Cass Freight Index: April

April Cass Freight Index - ShipmentsAccording to the April edition of the Cass Freight Index from Cass Information Systems, Inc., both North American shipment volume and overall freight expenditures slumped in April after a strong March.  Freight shipment volume dropped 3.5 percent from March to April.  The year-over-year, shipment volume was down 1.3 percent, and 1.2 percent below 2011 figures.

April freight expenditures were down 1.6 percent from March, and April Cass Freight Index - Expendituresbelow last year’s level for the same period by 0.5 percent.  Year-to-date dollars spent is 0.8 percent higher than end of year 2012, but only because of March’s strong increase.  “Despite the ever-tightening truck capacity worsening truck driver shortage, truckload and LTL rates overall have remained as flat as the economy,” stated Rosalyn Wilson, senior business analyst of Delcan Corp.

Source: Cass Freight Index: April 2013 – The Cass Freight Informations Systems